Privacy and security policy

In accordance with the rules provided for in Law 13.709/18, which deals with data protection and other relevant legislation, we present the Privacy Policy.

This document is linked to and integrates the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website, and may be changed at any time to adapt to the rules established by the legislation that establishes the way in which data is processed.

The access, visit and permanence in this site/blog is of free choice and happens according to the will/desire of the user, being its visit and continuation in the site, choice of this user.

Being aware through this document that from the moment you maintain access and stay on any of our pages, you are automatically demonstrating your agreement, explicitly with all the rules and terms set out in the Privacy and Security Policy described below. .

Being your right at any time to contact us for more information about what has been described here, as well as clarification of doubts that may exist.

The website was created in 2022 and is entirely owned by okmuzik.

General Information:

Our website undertakes to comply with and respect the principles set out in art. 6 of the General Data Protection Law, which are listed below and clarified according to the data processing carried out by this site/blog:

I – Purpose Principle: This website respects the provisions of the purpose principle brought in the aforementioned legislation, carrying out the treatment with a legitimate and specific purpose, informing, through this Privacy and Security Policy in an explicit way, to the holders of the data that will be processed. the reason for the treatment. No treatment will be carried out in a way that is incompatible with the purposes that will be informed in this document.

II – Principle of Necessity: We collect and process only the data necessary to carry out the explicit purposes of our website, with the commitment to collect and process the minimum information from the user of our website. We only use relevant information/data, proportional to the activity performed by us, without exceeding any limit in the relationship between the user and our website/blog, with any and all data collected and treated according to the purposes established on our pages.

III – Principle of Adequacy: All treatment carried out on our pages is compatible with the purposes informed to the user/client, respective data subject, and no type of action or mechanism is carried out that is inconsistent and disrespects the necessary treatment context.

IV – Non-discrimination: The data that we collect, store and that we carry out any type of treatment are not used for any discriminatory, vexatious, illicit or abusive purpose.

V – Data Quality Principle: We guarantee data subjects clarity and relevance at the time of data collection and processing, in addition to the possibility of updating, as necessary to fulfill the purpose of the treatment, according to the activity that is required. performed by the user/customer on our website.

VI – Principle of Free Access: We clarify through this Privacy and Security Policy that we guarantee to all data subjects that we carry out the treatment, consultation in a free and easy way, at any time they wish, through a specific channel. , on the treatment carried out with your data, as well as any information regarding the data collected, and the personal data of the holder may even be updated, without the need for any request on the part of our website.

VII – Prevention Principle: We adopt and ensure the prevention of any and all acts that may cause damage to the data collected from users/clients, with measures implemented in order to prevent any uncomfortable, illegal situation, or that generates any kind of loss/damage. to the personal data that we carry out and process.

VIII – Principle of Transparency: We work with clarity, precision, accuracy and veracity in all information brought about the processing of data, and its access is easy and available to the user/client in this Privacy Policy, as well as in the Terms of Use in our website/blog. The information related to the processing agents follows the same transparency criteria listed above. All information provided about the treatment and the treatment agents respect commercial and industrial secrets.

IX – Security Principle: We inform you that we use all appropriate and possible measures in the technical and administrative field, aiming at greater protection of personal data, from the moment we have access to them. The techniques used seek to protect personal data from any unauthorized access, as well as situations that may cause damage to the data subject, even if accidental or illegal. The techniques we use seek to bring security and protection to the data subject that we process, as they are taken in order to prevent and protect the information collected from any unlawful situation of loss, destruction, sharing, communication or unauthorized dissemination.

X – Principle of accountability and accountability: The agent will demonstrate and prove that it complies with and respects all applicable standards for the Protection of Personal Data, adopting appropriate measures for this effectively. Our website performs all the steps regarding the processing of personal data of users/clients who access it, without disrespecting any rule or principle present in Law 13.709/2018, having a clear and objective basis for the purpose for the treatment of each information. collected personnel.

About our site

Our website has texts, videos, images, audios, as well as other content that you can view when accessing our tabs, all without any discriminatory, illicit or defamatory content.

We outline plans and goals to be followed in order to present valuable content, with relevant information regarding the topic discussed here.

Through this document, we are committed to providing the best result when browsing our user/client, committing ourselves to act and work with total security and respecting the privacy of the personal data processed.

Pay attention to all the information provided on this page, as it is through it that we clearly and directly bring you how all the steps of processing the personal information collected happen, including making clear the sharing and disclosure (in some cases) that we carry out with partners. .

This Privacy and Security Policy may be modified at any time, according to regulatory updates or changes to our Internal Policy, which is why we invite our user / client to consult this document periodically so that they are aware immediate response to any changes that may occur.

Information about the controller and Data Controller

As provided for in art. 5 of the General Data Protection Law, we bring here information about the controller defined by the “in verbis” legislation:

Art. 5, VI – controller: natural or legal person, governed by public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data;

The website has as CONTROLLER and is responsible for defining and taking any decision regarding the processing of data carried out by us and by our team, OkMuzik responsible for providing contact information).

Information about the Website/Blog Content and TV Rating:

The content brought is directed to people who are interested, curious or seek information about the content of our website.

All content covered on our pages is produced by our team or by partners, respecting national legislation, as well as ethical and human values, in addition to moral principles, ensuring transparency and veracity in all information provided.

Our website, its content and partners are intended for people aged 18 and over.

If you are not 18 years of age, be aware that your parent’s permission is required for you to have access to the contents brought on our pages, being the RESPONSIBLE PARTY’S RESPONSIBILITY for the minor to access our material, as well as the contents brought by our partners.

About data processing:

Our website works with certain operations and functionalities that require the processing of personal data, from the stage of its collection to its elimination or storage, as will be discussed below:

Data collection:

We collect data from users/visitors/clients of our website not only to carry out the services we provide, but also for security reasons, since any irregular or illicit act practiced by them may be subject to specific consequences for the person responsible.

The use of certain functions of our website expressly depends on the collection of user data such as: name and e-mail, as well as other applicable data for the purpose presented on the website.

We also acknowledge that when filling in any area referring to the return of contact or doubts on our website, as well as the ACCEPTANCE of the COOKIES we use, the USER/CUSTOMER demonstrates the AGREEMENT in an objective, clear and express way of the collection and treatment of your data that will be carried out by the site/site team/site partners respecting all personal data protection rules.

It is also essential to inform you that we work with a data analysis tool (analytics or similar) to monitor the results of accesses, comments, and other information about the performance of our website/blog.

Other data

Our website also collects and processes data relating to the device and linked to the access log.

Device data: We collect data linked to the device that accesses our website, mainly for security reasons – data such as: hardware model, operating system, device identifiers (location, etc.).
Access Logs: We collect and process actions related to the use of data, from its inclusion to the deletion of data, user/client IP, date (day/month/year), time of access.
Browsing data: We collect and process data relating to browsing, so we can provide a better experience for the user/client – browser where the user has accessed and pages accessed.

Data collection form 

The collection of data from our users/clients takes place respecting all the principles and standards set out in the General Data Protection Law, with the express condition of the user’s free and spontaneous consent for this, since we do not carry out any treatment without the user’s permission. customer or his responsible.

We do not use any coercive, authoritarian, oppressive, repressive or abusive means in order to obtain the user’s consent for the treatment of their data.

The collection of personal data takes place when sending materials, making purchases or sending information.

The access log and device data are collected for the safety of the user/customer as well as the website owner and all its staff through access to the service we provide, which takes place at the time of accessing our page.

As we seek to know our audience better, we work with some mechanisms and platforms that perform the collection of data from our users/clients automatically directly by the system, respecting all the rules of the LGPD, as well as the user’s privacy, providing all technical and security administrators.

Navigation data is collected by our cookies from the moment you start browsing our website/blog.

Purpose of processing personal data

All data that we process are used respecting the principles of the General Data Protection Law, especially the purpose, adequacy and necessity, being kept only in our system until the moment in which its purpose continues to exist.

User data are collected and processed solely for the purpose for which they are provided, being explicit in each part of our website/blog for what the provided data will serve, whether through registration, FAQ, submission of forms, submission of news. and etc.

Device data is processed so that we can provide you with the best experience when accessing the website, since it is through it that we can adapt the website/blog view to the device/browser used.

Access logs are essential items at the time of collection and treatment carried out by our website/blog, as it is through them that we can provide greater security for users and for our team, since through this data we can identify information such as IP address, date, time, activity performed, etc., in any area of ​​our website/blog, which may target any illicit act that may occur.

Navigation information is the best way to bring content from us and our partners to you, as it is through navigation information that we share news, advertisements and other materials of your choice for each user. This preference is objectified by the data found in pages most accessed by the user/client.

Treatment performed on the data

The processing of data carried out on our website/blog complies with all the rules provided for in the data protection legislation, having a legal basis to be carried out, happening only with the consent of the user.

All processed data are available for modification and updating at any time, including during their entire storage.

All data collected will be stored during … (insert the data storage period) and may be changed according to the need for the service provided, or due to any provision that may exist.

Data not collected

Respecting the principles contained at the beginning of this Privacy and Security Policy, we do not collect any data that is not necessary for the services we provide, or that has a purpose other than those reported.

We do not collect sensitive data, except in cases where there is a legal determination to do so, and the user is expressly informed of the need for treatment if any, as well as the treatment that will be carried out with him.

Data sharing/dissemination/publication 

We respect all limits set forth in the General Data Protection Law regarding the sharing/disclosure or publication of data collected by us, acting in good faith and morally without any intention of causing harm to our user/customer.

The data will only be shared with partners, if necessary, the user being aware that he grants the sharing of his data by accepting to fill out forms on our website/blog in exchange for free materials.

The data collected and shared according to the information mentioned above can generate monetary return to the owner and the team of the site/blog, since when filling out forms in exchange for materials, this site/blog becomes the right to share the information provided in order to generate income for keep this project.

In cases provided for by law, bulletin, or if we receive any type of determination from a public authority or through any regulatory determination, data sharing, publication or disclosure is carried out.

The holder has the right to allow the sharing and access of his data to a third party, as long as he expressly informs the permission he has given to the holder.

In situations where we are informed that there is a criminal investigation upon requesting cooperation from our site, we make our users/clients aware that we cooperate in the way requested.

About our partners

All partners who work with us respect the rules set forth in the General Data Protection Law, as well as other legislation dealing with this matter.

We inform you that our website contains links and hyperlinks from our partners, by clicking on any of these links or hyperlinks you are directed to an external website, which has no link with our website, having a Privacy and Security Policy, Internal Policy and Terms of Use different from ours.

We do not have any power or information to discuss the way in which the processing of data by our partners takes place, so seek to know the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, as well as other documents that deal with their data processing.

About our team

Our team is aware of all the technical and administrative mechanisms that must be used in the processing of data, as we inform in our Internal Policy, known to all our employees, the way in which all stages of data processing must happen, respecting privacy and all the rules brought in Law 13.709/18.

NOTE: Every team that works with us is aware of all the practices and techniques that must be used in the treatment of the data we collect, as they all had and continue to have access to our Internal Policy and Governance Policy, as well as having specific training for this. , and any act (performed by someone who participates in our team) considered unlawful or harmful to the data subject will generate direct liability and will be a reasonable reason for dismissal with just cause.

Security on data treatment

Our website is committed to carrying out any and all technical, administrative and institutional measures regarding the protection of personal data.

The security techniques used protect user/client data from access by unauthorized third parties, as well as from any occasion that may bring about some type of modification, destruction, dissemination, sharing, disclosure, communication of data without authorization and disregarding the General Law. of Data Protection.

All protection and security measures are taken specifically for the data collected, respecting the context and purpose that this information has.

Our website applies encryption and/or firewalls, thus providing a secure, private and confidential transmission.

The transmissions that happen between the transmitter and the user/clients happen in a totally encrypted way, in order to protect the collected data.

We undertake to notify the data subject of any breach or suspected access that may cause any risk of damage to the data subject’s personal rights and freedoms.

We provide the communication channel at the end of this text so that our user/client can report any situation that identifies a failure, security vulnerability or defect in the processing of the collected data.

Cookies e Newlestter

Cookies are files that have small sizes and are sent by our website to your computer, so that we can store browsing information and user/customer data necessary for the service we perform.

Cookies are the means by which we record data and preferences of our users/customers quickly so that we can provide an adequate experience when accessing our page, including services related to the searches you make on our website. /blog.

We also inform you that not all cookies brought on this site/blog collect and store personal data, since some of the cookies brought are used for the performance of some of the services we provide.

You are not obliged to accept cookies, it is your free choice to choose whether or not to register cookies. If you do not want this to happen, use the option in your browser/device to deactivate the registration of cookies.

We inform you that disabling cookies may bring you an incomplete or flawed experience in your visit to our website/blog, in addition to not bringing the correct performance of the tools and functions that we make available on our pages.

The deactivation of cookies can also cause damage to the provision of our end service, as well as, in some cases, we will not be able to provide you with an experience more suited to your preferences as we will not have access to them.

Data processing for other purposes

Respecting the provisions of the General Data Protection Law, we inform our users/clients that we can process their data for different purposes later, without this causing any damage or disrespect to the data subject, informing below the purpose of further use. of the information collected.

The information we collect about the holder, device, navigation, location, etc., can continue to be used for us to develop the provision of more improved services and a better experience for the user/customer on our page.

If the data subject requires the deletion of their data, they can contact us at the email provided in this Privacy Policy.

After the holder’s request for the deletion of his data takes place, we will anonymize the data, and these will remain in our files anonymously, and can be used in the future for the purpose of research, generation of statistics, dissemination of specific information, and also, in publications.

User Consent

The user/client, when accessing our website/blog, demonstrates that he agrees with all the information contained in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, as well as freely and spontaneously grants that his data be processed by our team, respecting the principles of purpose, necessity and suitability.

The user/client’s consent is free, since we do not use any means of coercion, obligation, inducement, constraint, threat or imposition for the user/client to grant and allow the processing of their data.

Data Erasure

If the user/client does not allow the storage of their data, they can contact us through the contact channels below:


After the data erasure request, we have a period of 30 days for the data to be erased or anonymized.

Last update: August/2022