Record Label

Our Differential

The difference with OKMUZIK is that you collect your royalties on time, no paperwork. We have a royalty percentage plan, and you get to choose the one that suits you best. We work on a global scale and local assistance in Portuguese and Spanish to offer fast and effective solutions for your music. Keep up to 70% of royalties. Free digital ISRC barcodes and codes

A comprehensive suite of automated marketing, promotion, accounting, and data analysis tools and solutions that allow creators overall control over the design flow.

Smartlinks & Pre-save

Earn a Ditto SmartLink with Pre-Save every time you
release a song. Share your music on all platforms before and after release with just one link.

Insertion in Playlist

We love to feature our artists in our playlists. Ditto artists can submit their music to be included in a wide range of playlists from top influencers on the biggest streaming platforms.