About us

We have digital marketing experts who will plan and customize each release individually, tailoring them to the needs of the artist/single within streaming platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, etc. Moreover, we have a team of graphic designers, fashion designers and renowned photographers that will help you produce the artwork/image that matches your music or style concept. What’s more, we know that a well-crafted look draws everyone’s attention.

Our exclusive partnership with Onerpm (which distributes our catalog) allows us to make custom pitches through a special curatorship so that your music may reach a massive number of playlists within your music segment.

SUBMIT YOUR DEMO! We will listen closely and provide feedback at all times, including to those who are not selected to release their work with us.

IMPORTANT: Click on the link below to send an email with a private link to listen to your demo. Don’t forget to mention your name and contact details.

Most of all, here the royalties are automatically wired to you every quarter without red tape.


You will also have access to sales and streaming reports, all on the distributor’s website, with full disclosure.